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Workplace Strategy Group takes a big picture view of the issues affecting your organisation. Our unique team of experts work in harmony to cover the full spectrum of services needed to transform the way your company works.


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Change Management

It has been consistently proven that organisations who create a culture of trust and establish a positive workplace culture, outperform their competitors. Workplace Strategy Group`s Change Management team works to establish that trust and collaborates closely to drive best-practice programs that engage, prepare and support all employees through the process of workplace transformation. The best solutions come from a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing a corporation. Workplace Strategy Group’s solutions come from profound listening, collaboration and innovative thinking.

Wellbeing & Mental Health

In times of change, it’s never been more important to support the wellbeing of your workforce. Only when people feel understood and supported can they truly engage. No matter where, how or when they work. We use science-based and data-led approaches to establish fundamental wellbeing principles and embed these at every level to ensure your organisation is at its most productive and engaged. Our tailored solutions ensure your organisation can meet the pressures of change while supporting workforce wellbeing. We monitor every solution and adapt where necessary to ensure its desired impact.

Leadership & Talent

Our Leadership & Talent team deeply analyse your organisation to discover what’s needed to support or transform the company’s culture or values. Our learning solutions support transition, increase engagement, enable inclusive leadership and build resilience in your workforce to help them navigate uncertainty and disruption. We use a science-based and data-led approach to establish fundamental wellbeing principles and embed these at every level of the organisation to ensure your company is at its most productive, with your workforce maximally engaged.

Project Management

Workplace Strategy Group listens closely to organisations and employee needs and concerns. We work with organisations PM `language` and introduce our own. Workplace Strategy Group selects the most effective solutions to manage efficiently and sustainably. We integrate multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to achieve the results you need. With decades of experience in project management, we deliver your projects to brief, on-time and on-budget.

Our deep insights into your organisation translate into creative new work environments.

Behavioural Colour & Design Psychology

Our Behavioural Colour & Design Psychology team creates spaces that support and enhance wellbeing. Workplace Strategy Group works closely with organisations to identify workplace issues and develop innovative solutions to positively influence organisations and workforce behaviours. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company’s ethos, teams and functions. We then create tailored solutions to meet your objectives using the principles of applied colour and design psychology to foster a sense of connection that humans depend on to thrive.

Architecture & Interior Design

Workplace Strategy Group are `Business Designers`, we believe that design needs to primarily facilitate business needs. Our early Analyse and Engage phases fundamentally inform the subsequent design process as part of achieving holistic workplace transformation. From the lightest touch to large-scale changes, our creative solutions balance functionality and efficiency within budget and agreed timeframe. With numerous studies illustrating the mutually beneficial relationship between sustainability and economic performance, we help assure your company’s future prosperity.

Well Buildings

Workplace Strategy Group recognises the important role buildings play in supporting our health and wellbeing. Properly designed spaces can make everyone, everywhere, healthier, happier and more productive. Additionally, improved use of resources enhances productivity and efficiency. Workplace Strategy Group are experienced with the Well Building framework for creating and certifying spaces that advance human health and wellbeing.

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